Marlene Showers


I have been a patient of Mr. Lee for more than 5 years.

A friend recommended Mr. Lee to assist me with a problem of poor fitting dentures.

I was feeling constant pain and was unable to chew food properly. During my first appointment, a full examination and assessment was done, followed by a discussion of his recommendations.

Esquimalt denture clini

The recommendations were appropriate and so we followed through with them. I found the price was fair, for what was to be done.

At the time that Mr. Lee did the work, he was reassuring and had a clam approach.

His work style was exacting and accurate, and therefore only minor adjustments were needed on follow up.

Mr. Lee is very professional, he listens to my concerns. He is very accommodating, and I am very pleased to refer my friends to him.

- Marlene S.

Esquimalt denture clini

Shawn Brown


The atmosphere of the clinic was positive and Denturist Andrew Lee was very friendly and always make me feel welcome and significant.

I have a lower suction denture and it fits amazingly! Highly recommend Esquimalt Denture Clinic for lower suction denture 🙂

Jim Tsch .

2017 · 


My name is Jim and I want to tell anybody and everybody about my experience with, Andrew Lee R.D.

I went to Andrew after hearing that he had a method of not only making attractive nice fitting Dentures with Suction on the top, but also bottom Dentures with Suction as well.

Esquimalt denture clini

After meeting with him, and hearing of his journey to Japan to learn from the best, and watching his most professional demeanour, I was impressed and decided to have him make a new set of Dentures for me.

Every fitting and consultation was done with the utmost care, and every time I left I was feeling more convinced that I had made the right decision.

And then came the moment I had been waiting for, trying the finished product for the first time. It was amazing, I couldn't believe the suction on both the top and bottom pair, far superior to my previous dentures.

After a few minor adjustments, normal when fitting new dentures, the finished product was amazing! A video was made with Andrew inserting my dentures, then his assistant, myself, and Andrew trying to remove them.

After a great deal of effort, and almost pulling me from the chair, and a good deal of manipulation, we were finally able to remove them, and after several insertions and removals, we were all absolutely amazed at the suction, for the top, but blown away by the unbelievable suction on the bottom!

I would like to say to anyone that Andrew's professionalism, service, and attention to detail, would warrant the highest recommendation I could give, truly 5 Star all the way through the procedure, and you will be truly astonished by the finished product!

Congratulations Andrew,


Jim Tsch

Esquimalt denture clini

Jonathan Henriksen

2017 ·

I have dentures from The Esquimalt Denture Clinic.

They are awesome the fit when I got them ten years ago, and they still do fit.

Andrew Lee and his staff is the best in town.

I would highly recommend them.

J. Finnerty

2019 ·

I am grateful for the opportunity to expose Andrew Lee for what he really is. The kindest and most knowledgeable denturist I have had the pleasure of knowing.
I met Andrew Lee in 2000, I told him the story I would like to share with you.
When I was 5 years old, I had a tragic accident consequently this created a myriad of complications through out my life. One of them being, my teeth had very little circulation of blood and nutrients. My teeth were turning to dust at 7 years old. They were all removed by 14, puberty never happened, the embarrassment was just as crippling as the accident that caused it. Before Andrew came to my rescue, I was starving with dentures that I could not eat with or smile, for the denture wearers it was very depressing. After eleven sets of no masticating, I listened with interest intending as Andrew explained in laymen’s terms the way he hone in on the comfort of his prosthetic. Especially the Lower Suction Denture plate. The frenum under my tongue was the only adjustment with 4 sets of Andrew’s dentures and now I have perfect teeth. I do mean perfect! I am incredibly overwhelmed with joy. I do not go hungry anymore and I think he is the best tooth man in the business.